June 2022 - India LEI
As of 3 January 2018, LEIs are mandatory for all companies who wish to continue trading in securities.

News – June 2022

How long does it take to get an LEI number?

In some cases, getting the LEI number can become really urgent as if you are planning to make a big monetary transaction from India and discover that you need an LEI number that your company does not have, it could bring serious consequences. If these kind of situations occur, it is important to get the … Continued

Why use an official registration agent when applying for an LEI code?

If you are looking for, applying for or renewing an LEI code, you’ll find various web pages offering fast and secure LEI registration services. Most of these websites collect data using online forms and, in the case of official registration agents and Local Operating Units, this data is used to register or renew your LEI … Continued